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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2001 9:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

if you guys were wondering what the translation is, it's:

The monkeys of Tim Burton transfer to the screen the voltage of the today world The controversial director presents/displays in Barcelona his version of ' the planet of simios', that carries out this time Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth and Helena Bonham Carter. The film is released in Spain the 31 of August TO EXTEND Tim Roth, Richard D. Zanuck, Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg, yesterday during the presentation in Spain of the planet of simios.(TEJEDERAS) TO EXTEND Michael Clark Duncan, in the version of Tim Burton of the planet of the simios. BETHLEHEM GINART As if it was working in an independent film, only that with all the advantages of a multimillionaire budget and none of its disadvantages. This one is the sensation that invaded to the actor Tim Roth during the running of the version of the planet of the simios to the orders of his admired Tim Burton. It said it during the presentation in Barcelona of a film whose collection in the United States has already surpassed the 20,000 million pesetas that cost to do it. In Spain, this overhaul of one of great the classic ones of the science-fiction cinema is released the 31 of August, and its campaign of promotion has brought until the Catalan capital, in addition to a Roth and Burton, to the actor who carries out the tape, Mark Wahlberg, and to the producer Richard D. Zanuck. In accordance with the sense of expectancy originated by its visit, the promotion will not be a complicated task. Means camouflaged after flequillo that insists on hiding one of its eyes, Burton seem to protect themselves of the praises, as if it wanted to stay safe from the vanity. But there is no doubt that it pleases the definition to him offered by Roth on the circumstances of the running. It recognizes that in the heart of the industry of the cinema it is necessary to have always very clear a premise: ' an alliance between wanting is due to establish to make something artistic and to remember simultaneously that this is a business. This is what hay'. In this tactical mission, the artistic will happened not to allow that its glance to the planet of the simios was remake. It repeats it by active and passive, pawned on leaving it very clear. ' the 1968 version is a classic one of its times and if they had requested to me that did remake not it had accepted it. But it is not that the studies either querían'. It compares the situation to which it experimented when it took the reins from the first part of Batman, ' because both are histories that have happened through a cultural cycle, have been different films and series from televisión'. In spite of feeling a little intimidated by the challenge to return on the steps taken before by others, it assures: ' I have tried to do mine history. I suppose that it is the same when somebody adapts to the cinema a novel famosá. Burton was 10 years old when the first version was released, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and carried out by Charlton Heston, and has returned to this territory of his childhood ' with an energy diferenté. Mainly, marking a clear line between the good and badly that affects so much to primates as to the humans. ' In the first version all the simios are good, and there is the mythology of films. But in fact they are not thus, they are psicópatas, frightful, and this is what I have wanted marcar'. Still it has wanted to go further on introducing a shade that, simultaneously, is a reflection of the present society. ' At the time of the globalización all this much more fragmented. We have a greater access to the information, but in spite of it the things are less clear. For this reason, the society of the simios also is very fragmented in my film. There are them have more affection towards the human beings, even who have humanized attitudes more, and other that them odian'. Primates and humans, together and shaken, in a film that in opinion of the producer nonspeech of simios ' but of personas'. For this reason Burton rejected of plane to digitally recreate the animals of the planet to which Leo pilot arrives by error Davidson (Walhberg) and in that she finds to a human civilization (with the Estella model Warren to ca
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2001 9:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Nikki! That probably took forever! Also thanks Lianne! Damn does he look fine in the third picture!!!!Man he's a hottie! lol
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