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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 3:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kaylinne wrote:
Neither the .38 nor the .45 kicks like my .44! LOL! Actually, I didn't shoot the .45 revolver, just the .45 semiauto - you know you're holding a weapon, and it pushes your wrists back a bit.

That .44 revolver of mine kicks like a mule!

The most fun is the .22. I'm in the market... Cool

Here's hoping you have a great vacation and find some time for yourself! Hope you'll be able to read, girl!

I love the set up in PoI, it's more of a luring out of seclusion for Bob Lee, with a possibility at exacting some revenge on the SOB who took Donny out, and who ended Bob Lee's career in the military. No patriot button pushed. And I love the fact that he was a recovering alcoholic - so that scene with the beer guzzling dog kinda fell flat for me. Confused

Nick Memphis was good in the movie, but is even more sympathetic in the book - he was a sniper and he took it upon himself to try to rectify the life of the innocent bystander...

It certainly would have been very difficult to bring all that into play on the movie screen. Unless people wanted to sit through more than 2 hours in the theater. I wouldn't have minded... Wink

I agree - the set up in the book is truly something Bob Lee couldn't refuse. Very well done - good thinkin', bad guys. At least, good set up, bad choice of guy to set up.

Nick is great in the book, it does explain more why he'd take an interest in the Bob Lee deal, with him being a sniper himself. He's just been reunited with Howdy Duty at my place in the book. Still early on...

It would have been damn near impossible to bring the details of the book into the movie. It would have taken hours, and like you, I wouldn't have minded, but I think the average movie-goer might have found it a bit odd. I think the book and movie a both great, but very different.
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